what are the odds
that the odds are in my favor
when lonely walls are closing in,
whenever i’m thinking of you again

repeating stories that align
of forces beyond what’s interstellar
the pull that locks your eyes with mine,
when we linger longer every time

could you blame me
if i blamed the ego
for feeling dreams bigger than fate
when love’s the sacrifice i’ll never make

i never want to fan the smolder
to keep from burning out
it can be a silent killer,
when your hope collides with doubt

a distraction
an obsession
an uneasiness,
but we’ve learned to cope

in the end, what does it matter
when matter is all we are
suspended patterns in the universe,
nursing conditioned hearts

but what’s the use of feeling used
when i’m fading alone
like i’m waiting for you

and maybe what i feel is true
maybe what i saw in you
just never grew

Dead Ends

a detour
en route to
Across the Universe

the streets we grew up on
backed up by the woods
where we waded through streams

flat-ironed hair
resting on the back
of Coach bus seats

in the small town life I fear
reversing into dead ends

an unclipped rose
a grandmother’s ring

a reminder of why I can’t stay
a Polaroid behind the fridge
slowly fading away

where thousands of tiny lights
disappear into the night,
a journey that came to an end

with the faith in some grand plan
for whatever got me to where I am